Taking a photo.  There was a time when it took some work.  Shoot the shot, wait until the roll was full, send it out to be developed and, if you're lucky, get  those "double prints" back. (Remember when that was a thing- double prints?)  Now, just pull out your phone.


It's said more photos are taken every day than in the first 100 years of photography!  But are they good photos?  Are they the right photos?


I can make sure the photos and videos I make are the ones you need.  Photos that sell your product.  Photos that tell your story.   Photos that make a difference... for you and your clients.


Photographing people is my expertise.  A portrait shows fashion, an idea, or how you are at that moment.  It is what I do.


And my training as a photojournalist means when I shoot your event, I see the details you have worked to create.  I capture the memories that is your event.


I tell your story.


Showcasing your work, helping you reach your goals.


Sometimes we all could use a bit of digital help.  I've got you covered.


Contemporary ideas that get noticed...


Contemporary shooting and editing that makes your point.


... with an eye on images that stand the test of time.


Yeah, I'm a Nikon guy.  Always have been.


“If your pictures aren’t good enough you’re not close enough.”


Robert Capa

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